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22in22Team, To Stop Soldier Suicide's Fundraiser:

Compounding Friends for Veterans

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22in22Team, To Stop Soldier Suicide


Today we will lose 22 veterans to their silent wounds. Will you help me end military related suicide, $22 at a time? 

A couple of years ago a good friend from college (and the JMU Drumline!) told me about a fund raiser his son set-up as a senior project in high school. Brian and his son Jacob DiSabatino started the 22in22 Challenge as a way for groups and teams to make a difference and have some fun. Check out their web site to see how (22in22). 

The 22in22 Challenge lives on today, and I am asking for your participation. 100% of all funds raised go to the 501(c)(3) charity Stop Soldier Suicide (Website) and are tax deductible. Unfortunately, the suicide rate for active and former members of the military is a little more than 20 per day. That figure is clearly influenced by the emotional, social, and economic hardships members of the armed forces face during and after their active duty defending our country ends. Through the 22in22 Challenge and Stop Soldier Suicide you can make a difference and help reduce that number. I am asking you - right now - to please do just that. The fund raising window for the 22in22 Challenge is today through the end of November. 

I decided to participate in a little different way. I help people with retirement and financial planning products every day. I understand the AWESOME power of leverage that occurs through the use of compound interest - or "interest on interest over time". Albert Einstein once said "Compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time". This may be a bit of a stretch, but I think it's relative anyway (shoot... I just couldn't resist it. Maybe they'll edit that out!) I thought that if I contacted 22 of my good friends directly, and asked each of them to directly contact 22 of THEIR friends who would be willing to contribute just $22 each - we could collectively raise a little more than $10,000! (22 friends x 22 of their friends x $22 each = $10,648) It's a little bit like compound interest, only "COMPOUND FRIENDS" instead! That's it. The window is open until December 1st. If you can, contribute $22 now, and THANK YOU. If you REALLY want to make a huge difference, ask 21 other friends to contribute too. Your circle (22 people x $22 each = $484). If you, me, and 20 other people do the same thing - WE WILL RAISE OVER $10,000 DOLLARS for a great cause, $22 at a time!"


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