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Community Partners International

Empower communities. Transform lives.

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Community Partners International (CPI) empowers communities in Asia to meet their essential health and development needs. Founded by U.S. doctors and philanthropists in 1998, we have grown to serve more than 500,000 people each year in Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.We focus on communities affected by conflict, violence, and displacement, in remote and hard-to-reach contexts, and marginalized through poverty and exclusion.

We are committed to:

- Building strong and healthy communities

- Improving the lives of women and girls

- Creating pathways for leadership and innovation

- Promoting sustainable and equitable development

Partnership with local communities lies at the heart of our work. We work to empower the potential and deep commitment within these communities to develop, own and lead the solutions to their challenges - solutions that are driven by local needs and priorities, designed for the context, and sustainable for the long term.Through more than two decades, we have developed expertise and forged longstanding community partnerships that provide the cornerstones to achieve lasting positive change. 

Throughout our history, we have engaged in extensive collaborative research with our community partners to support them to identify needs and priorities, and inform and guide service design and delivery. Our extensive network encompasses diverse ethnicities, religions and languages.

In Myanmar, we are bringing our experience and partnerships to support dialogue, understanding and cooperation between the national government and ethnic and community-based organizations around shared interests in health. In the context of more than six decades of conflict, these opportunities to engage and find common ground are meaningful stepping stones as communities seek to achieve lasting and equitable peace.

In 2016, we started working with communities in southeastern Bangladesh. Further to the influx of Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, we have rapidly scaled up operations in Cox’s Bazar to support Rohingya communities to meet their immediate and longer-term health and development needs.

Our Mission: Build thriving communities in Southeast Asia through equitable access to quality services for health and social welfare.

We achieve our mission through partnerships that are driven by local organizations using contextually appropriate, evidence-based approaches.

Our Vision: Communities in Southeast Asia have the resources, capacity and information necessary to meet their own health, learning and development needs.