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Community Nexus Inc

It takes a village.

https://hvnexus.com/ Tax ID 84-2311128


Community Nexus was envisioned as a family venture in response to research that shows a growing need for socio-economic community supports among Hudson Valley residents and is today a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. We are continually seeking to expand through new partnerships.

The purpose of this company is to provide alternatives to traditional social safety nets by utilizing modern technology in order to create professional, educational, and social opportunities for underserved members of local populations.

Community Nexus is so named, because it is a network of professional, educational, and social partnerships. It is a hub of the community it serves and is shaped by its members.

By offering the services and resources necessary for individual community members to implement their own ideas, our agency acts as a catalyst for social cohesion and innovation.