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Community in Action is an NGO in Brazil connecting volunteers from around the world with community development projects in underserved regions throughout Rio.

www.communityinaction.org Tax ID 20-8421010


Community in Action is a grassroots non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our mission is to offer social outreach programs throughout Rio’s favelas (shanty towns) as well as personal development opportunities for social entrepreneurs and foreign volunteers. We work with local residents, schools, and NGOs to generate local change.

Since 2004, we have been implementing community development programs in favelas throughout Rio de Janeiro, collaborating with a diverse network of local organizations. We are a platform that unites people from around the world with grassroots initiatives in Rio’s most marginalized regions, focusing on: education, job training, women’s empowerment, youth programming, the environment, and manual labor support.