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Community in-Power and Development Association Inc

https://www.cidainc.org Tax ID 43-2026038


The  Community In-Power and Development Association Inc. is a non-profit  (501 (C)(3) status) that works to empower residents in low-income  communities in Port Arthur, Texas. We help them to take action against  the neighboring chemical manufacturers, refineries and incinerator  facilities. We help organize and educate local residents on how to take  action to keep big industries from polluting our air, land, and water.

CIDA  Inc. also works to transform dilapidated and underserved areas into  desirable communities with a strong commerce base. We foster and promote  a healthy, safe and economically vital community by uniting and  educating the impacted communities on the importance of working together  to promote healthy change.

CIDA  was founded in 2000 with the belief that polluters should be held  accountable for the chronic, systematic poisoning of low-income  communities living along the “fence line” of their operations.