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Community Missions Corporation



Community Missions is an important part of the community's response to address homelessness. Working as part of the St.Joseph Homeless Coalition's Continuum of care, in conjunction with HUD, Community Missions has developed a compassionate and effective response that helps chronically homeless men to transistion from living in places not meant for habitation to living in permanent housing and working towards greater stability. 

Community Missions is a faith-based organization, working in partnership with people of faith to address the basic needs of men who have been homeless more than one year ("Chronically Homeless") due to physical and/or emotional disability. These disabilities include severe and re-occuring mental illness; addiction and chronic physical health. 

In addition to providing for the basic, physical needs of each man, staff addresses to socio-emotional needs of all the men, as well, working to reconnect each man with his family, the community at large, faith groups, or other supportive networks. Care Coordinators work diligently to assit the men in obtaining benefits and services for which they are elligiable; VA, Social Security, and disability insurance, Medicare&Medicaid; to provide socialization opportunities, including interaction with groups who provide meals each evening, volunteering at food pantries and the Food Kitchen, as well as group therapy. The goal of the coordination is to help each man provide for themselves. 

Once stable at Community Missions, the men have options that they did not have before. With the focus on maintaining stability, the men can remain living, permanently, at Haven or Juda House, as determined by the level of support needed to maintain stability, or they may opt to obtain other permanent housing options within the community. Staff work with each man to determine which options is best for him. 

The goal of "housing first" is to keep each man from returning to a homeless state by maintaining his stability and assuring that he is living in the best possible place, with the level of support neccessary, for his individual situation.