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Committee of Ten Thousand (Cott)


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                     The Committee of Ten Thousand 

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The Committee of Ten Thousand is grassroots, peer-led, education, advocacy and support organization for persons with blood disorders. The majority of our constituency is persons with hemophilia who contracted HIV/AIDS from tainted blood products. We work in solidarity with all communities affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and advocate for disenfranchised chronic disease communities, especially those communities dependent on a safe national blood supply. COTT is dedicated to the belief that persons with HIV/AIDS and all chronic diseases can lead productive and healthy lives.

Please consider donating now. COTT is committed to working within the context of broad collaborative efforts and coalition building with a wide array of communities, agencies, organizations, and individuals who seek control individual over their own health care. A central theme of the COTT is the development and implementation of programmatic initiatives which illuminate an empowerment road map for the diverse communities impacted by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases/disorders. We believe that health is a right and not a privilege and seek to create a world where the health and wellbeing of all peoples replaces profit as the priority. Which is why we need you to take action now and donate to help keep COTT going.

Help us resume out mission to advocate and educate for those impacted by these diseases. Please donate now and help rejuvenate our general fund. This fund will help pay for travel, food, and lodging for the board members of COTT to attend various events around the nation to represent these communities and stakeholders. Having representation at these important events is crucial to ensure better patient outcomes, and that the interests of our communities are heard and not overlooked or ignored.

There is a great need for advocacy and education in the communities we represent and COTT wants to continue to be a leader in these areas.

In the pursuit of our mission, COTT is committed to the following objectives:

To complete our mission of creating a memorial to the death of over 10,000 hemophiliacs due to the contaminated blood supply

To  provide timely and credible HIV/AIDS treatment information.

To ensure a safe and available national blood supply through vigilant community advocacy and action.

To codify consumer/client participation at all levels of the federal medical  regulatory structure, FDA, NIH, CDC, HCFA and Congress in the areas of  product safety, standard of care & research, and health care financing.

To aggressively pursue resolution of economic & social justice for persons with hemophilia who were infected with HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.

To be a voice of empowerment & advocacy for the Hemophilia, HIV/AIDS, Sickle cell, and other disenfranchised chronic disease communities by providing  peer-led psycho/social programs rooted in personal and community empowerment.

We do not solicit or accept donations from pharmaceutical companies.  This is to maintain our commitment to avoid conflicts of interest in our discussions and recommendations regarding the nation’s blood supply and the blood products manufactured from that source.

So please act now and donate to the Committee of Ten Thousand’s general fund to get COTT back in the action. 

Because “Action Equals Life!”