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Collaborative Research Institute (DanceSport Education)

Proud to bring the benefits of ballroom dance to the students, at their schools, in their classrooms!

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Experience the Power of DanceSport
Bring the DanceSport Program to Your School

DanceSport Education is a  not for profit 501 c 3 organization, established in 2016.  At DanceSport Education, we are driven by the mission to create positive, life-long impacts in the lives of young people through participation in ballroom dance at their schools, and support young and developing DanceSport talent. Our DanceSport program is specially designed for children and youth ages 4-18 and offers complete, systematic, specific and sequenced curriculum. Our DanceSport curriculum is delivered with a proven instructional methodology by world-class, top-rated DanceSport professionals, affiliated with Imperial Ballroom Dance Center. The program is tailored to allow students to grow, learn, enrich and achieve as they participate.