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Colesville Council of Community Congregations Incorporated

C-4 is an interfaith group founded in 1968 to serve the needs of Montgomery County. Currently, C-4 has more than 20 member organizations representing many different religious faiths located within the Colesville Corridor, including Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, congregations united in community service.

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Since its founding, C-4 has reached out, touched, and assisted thousands of individuals and families through its various community programs, including the Clothes Closet, the Baby Closet, the Holiday Toy Closet, and the School Supply Program.   The Clothes Closet, located in the former Colesville Elementary School, is the largest arm of C-4 and, in a typical year, serves over 2000 Montgomery county residents and their families by providing free clothing, household essentials, and linens. The Baby Closet, also located in the former Colesville Elementary School, in a typical year serves over 400 expectant and needy mothers with baby clothes, diapers and furniture. The Holiday Toy Closet, with an annual budget of about $7000, is also located in the former Colesville Elementary School and each year provides at least 2 toys, games, stockings, and books to each of 1000 children ages 1-12.   C-4 is essentially a volunteer organization staffed by congregants of the various member congregations and several other nonaffiliated individuals.  C-4 is primarily supported by contributions from its member congregations. C-4’s accomplishments over the past 45 years epitomize the generous character of its volunteers and member congregations. C-4 operates with very low administrative costs and does not engage in annoying telephone and mail solicitation practices.   All of C-4’s functions are of great value to our community.  The purchase of new toys, schools supplies and diapers can only be made possible through generous monetary donations. C-4 is a 501-C-3 non for profit organization.