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Code PINC 2020

Code P.I.N.C. 20/20 was created to help provide normalcy to the lives of children in the child welfare system as this is something their lives frequently lack, and normalcy and consistency is an incredibly important part of childhood development

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Code P.I.N.C. 20/20 (People Inspiring Normalcy for Children) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to provide leadership and mentorship services for at-risk youth ages 12-17 in the child welfare system. Our goal is to inspire normalcy by promoting growth, encouraging healthy relationships, increasing self-advocacy, and improving self-worth. Code P.I.N.C. 20/20 empowers at risk youth to become leaders and pillars in the community.

The dream and vision began in 2015 after a few women who had been working in child welfare for over 25 years, and one who aged out of the foster care herself, saw a need and decided to take action!
What they saw was a population of children that, although were getting basic needs met, were lacking in many areas such as Social & Emotional Development, Vital Life Skills, Relationship Building, Mental Health & Trauma Awareness, Financial Literacy and so much more. They realized that in order for these children to not just survive in foster care but thrive in their communities, it would take a committed group of individuals to step up and fill in the gap.

Today, Code P.I.N.C. 20/20 serves the Tampa Bay area and is operated under Tamara Campbell (President), Sarah Myers (Vice President and Treasurer), and Jasmine Randles (Secretary) who have dedicated years of love, care, compassion, expertise, and time to see this dream come true.

Code P.I.N.C. (People Inspiring Normalcy for Children) 20/20 is dedicated to providing teen boys and girls in the child welfare system, an opportunity to feel loved, cared for, and important by utilizing the arts and sciences to teach needed life skills, providing 1-on-1 mentorship, and offering them a safe space to heal and explore using their creativity, while learning how to live successful and healthy lives even in the midst of their childhood trauma.

Code P.I.N.C. 20/20 is a faith-based organization that sees every child as a child of God who needs love, guidance, and compassion. Code P.I.N.C. 20/20 wants to help these youth establish, create, and build their community, their culture, and their future!