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Coast to Coast Soccer Nation Inc., DBA FoxSTAR United Futbol (FSUF) is a registered 501(c) 3 charitable tax exempt organization, The overall mission of FoxSTAR United Futbol (FSUF) is to utilize the sport of soccer to influence and effect positive change in the lives of low income, underprivileged, underserved, at risk and vulnerable youth, to enable them to become knowledgeable, healthy living, active and contributing members of their community.FoxSTAR United Futbol utilizes the sport of soccer to teach the youth the importance of academic excellence, not just on-field success. We believe soccer can be a vehicle for teaching youth fundamental life lessons. Determination, perseverance and discipline are great values to instill in our youth, especially those who are underprivileged and underserved.The Founder, Kenneth Fisk Jr., envisioned FoxSTAR United Futbol has an organization that could change and empower the lives of young people after coaching youth soccer in Los Angeles, California. While coaching, he repeatedly observed many of the young player’s dedication and passion regarding the sport of soccer, but doing poorly in academics.Through this observation, He decided to create an organization that could confront these challenges head on.Our Approach within three-folds:In theory we utilize Constructivism, which is the learning process allowing for students to experience firsthand environments that will educate and test new knowledge. The environments we provide include:1. Education through Tutoring: An academic tutoring program allowing for achieving higher learning, this in turn nourishes self -confidence and enhances learning creativity. 2. Athletics through Futbol: A support program for youth which sets the stage to learn a sense of sportsmanship, determination, teamwork and achievement while creating a sense of self worth, and accomplishment. 3. Healthy Living and Social Awareness: Through learning, understanding and sharing information on skin cancer prevention with their peers, the program not only creates an awareness of self care and responsibility in our youth, but provides an understanding of caring for others and consequently, broadening their perspective on the needs of others in their community and the world.By providing these three environments our youths have the opportunity to learn hands on about the importance of being a socially responsible student athlete.Furthermore, along with providing a nurturing environment to win on the field and in the classroom, we incorporate a skin cancer awareness program as part of our curriculum. FoxStar United Futbol’s ‘Sun|Child’ curriculum emphasizes the importance of Skin Cancer awareness to local and global communities. We instill fundamentals through our educational sessions which are based on a medically designed and approved curriculum which includes age appropriate information on the dangers, risks and preventative measures of skin cancer prevention and resources for the youth. We accomplish this through our various scheduled Soccer Activity Programs such as our Soccer Academy Sessions, Club Team Sessions, Soccer Tournaments, Soccer Leagues, Soccer Camps and special events.

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