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Clay County Community Health Center Incorporated

Rural health clinic in need of a your help


The Clay County Medical Center is in need of your help!

It is the only health clinic in rural Clay County, Georgia. Clay County health conditions are a prime example of the grave problems in rural healthcare.

The provider. Dr. Karen Kinsell is currently the only provider here, and has been for the past 15 years. She  does not receive a regular salary.

Community health markers. Clay County is one of the poorest and least healthy areas in the US. Forty percent of people live under the poverty level. We are the fourth least healthy county in Georgia, having recently been ranked the worst. We are among the five counties with the lowest rate of health insurance in the state, because Georgia did not expand Medicaid to include most adults.

Access to healthcare. One must drive fifteen miles to the next doctor, twenty miles to a small hospital, and forty miles to a regional medical center. The only pharmacy in our county has closed. We do have a private nursing home, EMS, and a Health Department.

The need. Many people do not have transportation, in addition to not being able to afford healthcare, so the clinic is a critical service. About 1/3 of the patients are uninsured and poor, and are seen for $10 if they can pay. No one is turned away. We take advantage of many programs for free or low cost medications, testing, and specialty care. Dr. Kinsell does not receive a regular salary.

Clinic building. The clinic itself is a rented building that was built as an ice cream shop and is in very poor repair with multiple ceiling leaks. Unfortunately, we receive only a small federal subsidy and limited private donations. Donations can be made to the non-profit Clay County Community Health Center, Inc (CCCHC), an organization that members of the community created to help ensure access to affordable healthcare.

Our donation goal: $50,000. To be used for the purchase and renovation of the current clinic building so that patients can access affordable care for years to come.