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Classic Lyric Arts Inc

Classic Lyric Arts is a nonprofit organization that supports developing young artists in the field of opera. Singers polish their craft by exploring the traditions and techniques of bel canto and the art of French singing.

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Dear Friends of Classic Lyric Arts, 

As you know very well, the pandemic of COVID-19 has closed the doors on almost all performing arts organizations for the time being. We recently announced the suspension of CLA France 2020, and it's increasingly likely that we'll also have to cancel the upcoming CLA Italy program. A shared community defines the music industry, which thrives on personal contact, just the thing made impossible at this moment in time. Performing artists around the world are facing an uncertain future. Many of our CLA young artists are particularly affected, as they struggle to cover even the most basic expenses needed to survive, let alone to continue their training. And yet, each day, we see musicians creating new ways to keep us hopeful, inspired, and sane, opening up their homes and hearts to perform virtually during a period when we desire music more than ever.

Classic Lyric Arts remains committed to our mission to support young artists before, during, and after they leave the summer programs. It is for this reason that we are launching the CLA Alumni Relief Fund. We will offer all proceeds to CLA alumni who express and demonstrate financial hardship as a result of this crisis.   Go to the CLA Alumni Relief Fund page here.

We have set an initial goal of $10,000 for the CLA Alumni Relief Fund. We hope to offer assistance to any of our 400 alumni struggling to pay for basics such as food and rent.  One of our donors has astounded us with his generosity in offering a matching grant in the amount of up to $5,000 for the fund.

We anticipate that the need for funding will continue in the coming months, and we'll keep this campaign active for as long as it takes to sustain our artists. The CLA Artist Relief Fund is separate from regular CLA programming, and all donations will go directly to assist our artists. We encourage you to donate through this GoFundMe page. However, you may also give through our website and label your general donation as the "CLA Alumni Relief Fund" at https://www.classiclyricarts.org/ways-to-give.

Checks are also welcome and can be sent to: Classic Lyric Arts c/o Glenn Morton
615 Rock City Road Old Chatham, NY 12136.

This moment is profoundly challenging for all of us. Fortunately, we are sustained by memories of past CLA programs and the incredible family of artists, teachers, supporters, and friends that have been part of this journey. The beauty and inspiration of the CLA experiences in France and Italy can be glimpsed through our students' blogs, photos, videos, and testimonials. Check out our blog page here.  

You are part of a vital community that wants to impact the lives of musical artists in genuine ways, and now is the time to act. Any amount that you can give will be meaningful. Our artists are grateful for a life in music, and for those that make it possible. They express their gratitude in song. Together, let's commit to supporting the incredible young musicians that offer us so much today, and that give us hope for the future.


Glenn Morton

Artistic Director, Classic Lyric Arts