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Dear Friends and Family:

Allow me to update you a little bit on what’s going on with the Lyons family. Brooke and I have just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and the Lord has blessed us with four beautiful, amazing children, the most recent being only a few weeks old Heaven Leigh Lyons.

Even with all of those wonderful events and memories, there was something I haven't been able to shake. For as long as I can remember, I have been wondering “Why am I here?”. The answer seemed to elude me for quite some time. I remember when I first got married. I was told that my purpose was to be a good husband who provided for his family. So I followed the general path, found a job and overtime stopped doing the thing I loved and was called to (urban ministry). After years of doing the same thing, I had the feeling that my life was running in place. I spent hours working day in and out (60-70 hour weeks), saying to myself, “there has to be something else…”. Motivation and concentration went down bit by bit, pressure and stress went up. I wasn't happy. It seemed as if time was passing me by. My time with God dwindled to nothing. I fell into a dark place of depression and loneliness. I felt empty, a ”person with no purpose”.

It was during this time I decided to reach out to an old teacher/ mentor of mine Scott Free. I told him everything, how I felt like I had no purpose, no real meaning. He asked. you really don't know what you're called to do? No, I don't have a clue. He says well I do, it's always been for you do discipleship, teaching & loving on people. He begins recalling conversations we had years back in 2009 about starting a discipleship school as if he was playing them back off of a cassette tape word for word. I felt as if I just remembered my name!!! There it was the purpose I had so desperately longed for. Unbeknownst to me, the Lord had just answered Scott's prayers for a new facility in the city for the mission he started in 2010, City Takers. He says that this building is an answer to prayer & God’s timing. He said that they are walking into the fullness of the vision God gave us back in 2009 (the same season I was serving with them). The idea of serving the Lord doing what I was called to do with like-minded people seemed too good to be true… But I knew this was it! This was God calling me to join them.

He asked me if I would consider coming on board as an urban missionary! To walk out the call that God has on my life to reach the unreachable and love those that most call unlovable. My heart jumped and knew this was God working everything out in His perfect timing.

CityTakers exists to raise up urban missionaries that transform cities through hip-hop, love, and Jesus. They do this by Loving a city (Outreach Programs), Drawing a City (Events/Concerts/Radio), Building a City (Discipleship, Church, Mentorship). I would be working as an urban missionary in one of the roughest parts of the city, facilitating outreach programs in the jails, shelters & on the streets. As well as using my media talents to help the overall mission.

I’ve also been asked to help assist in the CityTakers church plant (Crossover Church ATL) in the inner city of ATL that just started Sept 29th of 2019. This church will be reaching the people directly in the community we serve as well as everyone CityTakers is ministering to at large. I will be on staff and using my gifts to help make disciples and reach more people who wouldn't traditionally come to a church. Scott Free just told me that they have baptized 53 people in the past 3 months! WOW thats real impact and real life transformation! I can’t wait to jump in and use my gifts to help reach more people…

As you can see the Lord is providing opportunities in the inner city of Atlanta for us to be instrumental in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of a community that is desperately in need. More than anything, I would value your prayers for my family and me, and that the people we encounter will be touched by God through us. I believe that God answers prayers, and I’m asking you to pray for safety, good health, and support. Just knowing that you will be praying will give me peace as I go into this new season of my life.

Also I would like to ask if you would financially invest in us and send us out as urban missionaries? We would be eternally grateful. We are trying to raise $24,000 by March 1st. Me and my family live a debt free lifestyle so all of these funds would go directly to helping us live out our mission as CityTakers. When you partner with us you help us reach those who go through life without help. We've seen hearts open to the gospel of Jesus Christ & countless lives transformed... amazing things are happening here and I know me and my family are supposed to be a part! You can help make a difference in the inner city of Atlanta.

Will you partner with us today?

All gifts are tax-deductible and handled with integrity and accountability. City Takers is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and donations are tax-deductible. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this letter, and if you have any questions, please let me know. Love you much, and I hope to hear from you soon!