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Take It To The Streets Canada's Story{ COVID-19 NEEDS YOU TO GET THIS BUILT 

Hello, everyone, my name is Nina McCutcheon, and I have been working on a project for 7 years now. A Project that consists of Answers to the many issues of Poverty we have been facing throughout our world today.
Let me start in London Ontario Canada, where I live. London Ontario Canada has had a huge issue with Street Lives. Our Missions have closed, and thus far many lives living on street corners, no room in  Missions. 

I have worked with Ward 1 Mike Van Holst 7 years now on Poverty Answers and why Poverty is an issue. Mike has now through much hard work, promoted my idea for Stepping Stone Treatment Plans to be Built in London Ontario. Our City desires to build on Cleveland and Pondmills Rd. Even so, we need the community's help, to get it built.

As a community, we can work together to get it built and end our homeless issues. Many communities have ended what we call Street  life, through hard work, Activism, and I believe we can as well, in London Ontario Canada. Granted it will take a lot of committed people, and hard work to get it done.

Our Governments are wonderful people with a hard job.

Now that COVID-19 is happening, we need to work even harder to get this built.

I ran for Mayor in  London Ontario in 2018, in order to help our community just to see the issues we are facing and to hopefully get my foot in the door, so we can finally get something done.

 As a woman born to speak, an activist, I know it is time we get someone in there, that does something and does what they say.
I have throughout the years shown I care and am doing just that, in Action. I Have Supported Many Canadian Organizations Throughout The Years .

I encourage you all to start giving to fundraiser
Nothing gets done, if we just talk about it, and never do anything. Let us raise the Money for Our City London Ontario and get it put into action. 

Enough Talking, complaining, Judging one another, walk out, in action, give to my fundraiser, help our city, get it built, in action. Help get Low-income Housing Built Faster and let's make a difference in lives today. Lives cannot wait, cause there may not be a tomorrow for them if we do not do something now!


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