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City Covenant Church

Building Hope in Brightmoor

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Now more than ever City Covenant Church and Mission:City needs your help in raising $50,000 to sustain and expand programming. The pandemic has forced us to cancel our biggest annual fundraiser to support free programming for our children and families. Would you consider joining us as we endeavor to continue to help transform lives in our community?  In place of our in-person event, we are hosting our sixth annual Mission: City Brightmoor Blue Jean Benefit Breakfast VIRTUALLY. The event will take place online @ missioncity.org on Saturday, 12/12/20 at 10 am. The theme this year is The Future is Bright.  Although there are no physical tickets this year would you consider purchasing a virtual ticket-Individuals-$50. Corporate sponsorships-$1000?

Who we Are:

City Covenant and our community center, Mission:City is located in the city of Detroit in the wonderful community of Brightmoor. Although two-thirds of our population falls below the poverty line, with most living off of less than $7000 per year, they are resilient and resourceful.  As a result of the challenges that our families face on a daily basis, we have served to be a staple in the community for the last 10 years providing ongoing, free resources.

Our programs/services are based on our four pillars: Education, Employment, Health, and Financial Literacy.  Additional programs include but are not limited to: medical and dental, legal services, computer literacy programs, employment trainings, tutoring and mentoring, and our Hot meals Program.

Let me tell you a few of our highlights. Since 2010, we have provide tutoring and mentoring year round for grades K-12th helping students gain confidence academically and socially. With community support we provide yearly summer camp for six weeks to over a 100 children in Brightmoor exposing them to music and the arts, healthy eating demos, drama and acting from a professional coach, choreographed dance and much more. Because of camp, the children are able to connect with others while learning to improve their communication and interactional skills in a safe, fun environment.  Through our collaboration with Seven Mile Music at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor we experienced some of the best summer concerts ever.

This year has been the most challenging yet rewarding as we face our world’s crisis. Although the pandemic closed our physical doors and meeting space, it opened up an opportunity to reach children and families in their homes and push them out of their comfort in order to move them closer to our desired goal of independence. Since March we have continued full programming virtually with over 60 kids in our summer program and fall academic programs. Although it looked a little different meeting via Zoom the excitement and participation was still present. Kids get to connect online and still learn music, create art, and stimulate their minds academically daily for two hours.

Purpose: In today’s world youth are facing increasing hardships within society. Youth in Brightmoor remains the most subjugated and marginalized. The difficult circumstances that young people face because of limited opportunities for education and training, viable employment and health and social services, and because of a growing incidence of substance abuse and juvenile delinquency is deteriorating the chances for greater opportunities for our youth.

Their imagination, ideals, considerable energies and vision are essential for the continuing development of the society in which they live. Mission:City focuses on the most underprivileged youth, surviving on meagre resources and constantly seeking out a purpose for their life. We provide a safe-haven and a sense of purpose and hope for our children and families. Mission:City plans to continue to work with the youth who never have been nurtured and reared in a way to develop into a productive generation.

Why we need your help:

Your support will allow for continued programs for the Brightmoor community to remain focused on our four pillars: Education, Employment, Health, and Financial Literacy. The main areas are as follows:

-Tutoring and Mentoring: Provide 1:1 academic instruction to children grades K-12th grade for 10 months to increase confidence in the classroom and social settings. Program is offered twice a week, Mon-Tues from 5-7pm. (Academic Curriculum and supplies needed)

-Music and Arts: Students will be offered continued year-round free music lessons in collaboration with our volunteers from Seven Mile organization at University of MI.  Classes are Wed, Fri from 5-7pm. Creative writing and Art is every Saturday from 12-2pm.  (Art and music kits, transportation expenses, snacks)

-Summer Program-Students are offered a free 6 week summer camp operating M-F from 9-4pm with focus on music lessons, art, choreographed dance, culinary arts, and more.  (Art kits, supplies, field trips, breakfast and lunch menu items)

-Holiday Distribution: 400 food baskets are provided for Easter and Thanksgiving to our families and others in the Brightmoor community. Christmas gifts are provided annually to over 75 kids in the program.

-Volunteer Stipends: As we know, stability is important for children and while our program has a wonderful core of volunteer staff, there is a high turnover and need for consistency on our team. Additional funding for stipends would allow us to place some value and appreciation for the many hours and sacrifices made for our youth

Support Now:

Through ongoing partnerships and support, we are confident that we are making a difference in the lives of the people in our community. Donate here or visit us online at missioncity.org for various ways to give or simply contact Patricia Jackson-Smith @ 313-529-7274 or Pastor Semmeal Thomas @ 313-978-8774.