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Organized by: John Kurian Jr.

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EVENT DATE Apr 17, 2015


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Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman.. I am known as "Citizen X" and I am a concerned American. My real name is John Kurian and "CitizenX" is defined as an average everyday citizen here in america whom from day to day has to suffer first hand the repurcussions of actions directly resulting from those within our current political landscape. My mission is to begin a change...a change within america to encourage and support everyday citizens to become more productive within their communities by getting invovled in the political processes within their municipletalities with no party affiliation but rather as a american"A concerned American". My current project is to travel to the town of Inkster Michigan to evaulate their current city goverment and seek out those whom are leaders of their community and encourage them to become a member of their local goverment by running for city council and/or mayor as to provide a voice for those within their community. The funds are also needed to start a campaign to get the community out and to vote for these individuals. Also funds will be used to create other initiatives to rebuild their communities and to create public saftey initiatives to assist with current crime rates. Inkster is a town with 25,000 people and with only 1700 of those individuals at the last election cycle.Inkster will be my first campaign and can be followed via my twitter/facebook/and on an internet radio podcast. I work a full time job and the funds from my profession are used to support my family of 5. I am a middle class citizen and can not alot portions of my personal income to travel beyond #IProjectInkster.Reguardless of funds raised I will still continue on my mission to assist the members of this community. I live 9.5 hrs away from this city and have no benefit nor do I intend to recieve andy accolades from my efforts. I am a firm believer that the only way american can get back to american standards is by the people in every town/city accross america to begin getting invovled. My goal is to build this into a national effort but I will need the help from other Citizens to begin this endeavor. Americans are conflicted by the need to either choose Republican or Democrat or some other Independent Party. I would like to help general citizens help themselves by fixing their communities from within. Citizens are effected when the state will not allocate funds for their local goverment. Lets look at Inkster for a moment since this is my first campaign. The State of Mich stated in a court of appeals that it is not the states responsibility to provide a quality education for its citizens.With that being said all public schools in the city of inkster have been closed and the children are being divied into 4 districts and sent to 4 different schools outside of their community. The former cheif of police asked the state for 3million to fund his police dept and if they couldnt recieve these funds from their 400million dollar surplus then he would need the national guard to assist in public safety matters.He did not recieve these funds and in return the police dept was cut from 78 officers to 28 officers as well as lost half of their fire dept personel. As a result of this the citizens of inkster are subjected to a higher crime rate and cant get but so invovled within community crime matters because of the lack of support of a staffed police dept. This also lowers the standeard of quality personel in which the city hires due to the limits the city can afford in compensation to their officers. Typical media is creating everything into a black and white issue which is not benificial to our society. We need to creat Diversity within our communities and it is my personal mission to assist in anyway in which I can with the help of other americans who have compassion for others reguardless of race and Religion or finacial standing. We are all americans and its time for us to fight to regain our country back and begin working towards "By the People For The People" type of mindset. I would like to thank you personally for any assistance you may provide and I welcome you to assit me in my efforts as we move forward. And if you dont have the means to donate to the cause then join me hands on in your local community as well as accross the country. Every vote matters and everylife matters. I will be heading to Inkster on the 18th 19th 20th of April 2015 to meet with ,church leaders,community leaders, citizens and anyone else who will sit and discuss the current state of their city and local goverment. I will also attempt to meet with city officials and public safety officials to see what they need from the state in order to improve the community for its citizens. I will then start approaching the state level with the support of all the previously mentioned groups and individuals in an effort to obtain the assistance needed. Thank you from one concerned american to another.Follow me @
email me at :
I encourage you and would love to have you invovled as well in these efforts so we can begin canvassing other cities accross america. I and others will Advocate for those whom will not adevocate for themselves.
Tune in to for upcoming shows where I as well as their host will be discussing solutions and ongoing efforts to assist the citizens of Inkster Michigan. Once an action plan has been set we will begin looking into other cities.



Organized by

John Kurian Jr.

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