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Our Mission is to Empower Others to Take a Stand Against Pornography

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Citizens For Decency's mission is:

To empower others to take a stand against pornography

Three pillars of focus support our mission: Education, Recovery, and Advocacy.

Through education, we empower others to know how pornography is harmful, how to protect themselves, their families, & their communities, and how to handle unsuspected confrontations with pornography.

Through recovery, we empower others by connecting those suffering from pornography addiction or betrayal trauma to sources of help, such as recovery support groups, counseling, inspirational literature, and helpful software.

Through advocacy, we empower the public to confront the exploitive pornography industry and its devices. We advocate for public policy changes in order to better protect families from the invasive health crisis that pornography poses. 

For more information, visit www.CitizensForDecency.org