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Citizens for Constitutional Integrity

We are citizens holding governments accountable to their constitutions.

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Citizens create governments to expand freedom by solving collective action problems. By creating  and protecting public goods, governments can grow the size of the pie  and help citizens fill their needs. The Framers, who wrote the United  States Constitution, knew this. The Constitution states that the Framers  sought to promote the general welfare.

Constitutions  encapsulate the principles for which citizens created their  governments, but only flesh-and-bone individuals can implement those  principles. Politicians too often fail to pass statutes to satisfy  constitutional requirements and too often pass statutes that violate  constitutional restrictions. Only the citizens can hold politicians and  governments to their constitutions' principles.

Citizens have several methods for demanding their governments follow constitutional authority.

They can elect different politicians,
They can petition their government for a redress of grievances, and
They can use the courts to identify laws that violate the Constitution.

Citizens  for Constitutional Integrity will use all of these levers to ensure  governments satisfy their constitutional requirements and also to purge  constitutional violations. 

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