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Church of Divine Man

A spiritual sanctuary promoting psychic freedom

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The Berkeley Psychic Institute is a psychic kindergarten and spiritual sanctuary that operates under the protective umbrella of The Church of Divine Man – a non-denominational psychic church, based on the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. 

The word "psychic" means “of the soul or spirit.” You are a spirit with a physical body, who is learning and growing through a lifetime of experience. Participation in our psychic kindergarten gives you a place to explore what it means to be psychic and rediscover your true self in a fun, safe environment. 

The Church is:

-A covenant between ourselves and God to establish a spiritual sanctuary which promotes psychic freedom. 

-A community of psychic Christians who encourage each other to attain physical health and spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. 

-Congregations of worshipers validating the presence of God within each of us. 

-Based upon the Scriptures and practice of the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist, the Creed of the Church of Divine Man, and the historic Church descended from Jesus Christ.

Our Founder

The late VRR Dr. Lewis Bostwick (1918-1995) founded the Church of Divine Man and its seminary workshop the Berkeley Psychic Institute, in 1973. He was a natural aura reader who saw a rainbow of colors surrounding people and who had a gift of healing. He attracted kindred souls who saw the works of Jesus as miracles of psychic healing and clairvoyance.


The heart of the Church is the worship of God as revealed to us through our own information and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Each parish of the church holds a worship service on various Sundays (check schedule) at 10:30 a.m. Festival seasons of the Christian calendar are marked for special celebration. In the style of post Reformation, the Church has elected to remove elaborate ceremonies from the services. Personal meditation, spiritual healing, prayer, song, teaching and thanksgiving combine to create a lighter atmosphere where amusement and one’s own clairvoyance is encouraged.

Mission Locations

Our missions are located in Berkeley, Sacramento and Santa Rosa. Each mission is part of the Church of the Divine Man as well as the Berkeley Psychic In stitute — a workshop of the Seminary of the Church of Divine Man. In addition to church services, each mission offers meditation and healing classes, psychic fairs, special events and spiritual programs. 

Church of Divine Man Creed

We of the Church believe in limitless space, timeless endurance, never ending acceptance, everlasting patience, and continuous comprehension. “What if a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” asks Jesus. To a mystic with eyes turned inward to infinity and cosmic consciousness, his words have great meaning. Psychic freedom creates no ideologies, no isms, no dissenting philosophies which divide, corrupt and destroy communication between human souls. No governments are upturned, no faiths cut down by the sword, no sects or types eliminated; only a one to one contact between the cosmic and a living soul, which flames quietly, bringing a lifetime of contentment and a realization that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for that attainment.