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Christy's Legacy of Hope

Christy's Legacy of Hope was created because of the legacy one woman left behind. A legacy of hope for orphaned children.

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<p>Our mission is to fulfill the wish lists of orphanages, mainly in China.  Christy had hoped to one day return to China after she had been there in 2005 to teach English to school aged children.  After visiting an orphanage, she knew this is what she wished to do after finishing her graduate studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  She married a man with a heart just like her's in 2007 and together they would go to do the work they knew they were called to do.</p> <p>In May of 2009, Christy received her Master's Degree from Liberty and worked as a Wealth Management Associate at BB&T Bank.  In the fall, Christy became ill and continually visiting the doctor.  In November, Christy was hospitalized with symptoms that were difficult to diagnose.  She was sent home with medications and put on short term disability. </p> <p>The day after Christmas that year, Christy was taken by ambulance to Lynchburg General Hospital with excutiating pain in her upper right side.  Many tests were ordered and her pain was difficult to manage.  She was then sent to The University of Virginia Hospital on New Year's Eve were she was diagnosed with cancer 7 days later.  It was a type of cancer that not many have heard of.  A cancer that took her after 4 months of treatment.</p> <p>On May 6, 2010, Christy left the world with a smile on her face because she was ready to meet Jesus.  Christy inspired every she met while hospitalized and smiled at everyone even though she was suffering greatly.    She was brought home to Taylor, Michigan so her friends and family could gather to say good-bye. </p> <p>Christy made a huge impact on people and her high school employer, Texas Roadhouse, asked to do an annual fundraiser in her honor.  We decided to begin a 501(c)(3) non profit to do what Christy would have so passionately done, caring for orphaned children.  In 2011, this charity became a reality to try and touch the lives of children with little hope.</p> <p>Fundraising events are held throughout the year to raise funds to help us carry on Christy's dream.  As the wish lists come in, we try and provide what is needed.  We also send welcome packages to newly adopted children from China through the largest China adopting agency in the United States.</p> <p>At the present, we are working on raising $8,500 for an orphanage in India that houses 20 special needs children.  Because Christy was only 24 years old when she left this world for Heaven, we are doing many projects with the number 24.  Whether it be $24, $240 or $2,400, we are hoping that you will help us with this campaign through Crowdrise.  Because of one, we can make a difference in the lives of orphaned children.</p>