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Christian Caring Hearts Inc

How the WISDOM of God can change your LIFE today

https://www.christianwisdom.org Tax ID 82-1395763


Christian Wisdom a Division of Christian Caring Hearts is a Free Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization that provides 24/7 access on mobile phones, Apps and Web Pages Bible Wisdom for souls who are hungry for answers in their daily life, by topic and sub-topics, covering a wide range of every day issues ranging from Love, Marriage, Anxiety, Depression, Illness, Death, and much more.

The mission is to provide a bridge for souls who are in darkness with respect to God’s Wisdom to Biblical solutions in their lives.

So many souls find themselves seeking wisdom for their very special situation or difficulties they are facing in their daily survival, but do not know how to find it.

Christian Wisdom wants to reach every soul in their own language and at their own level, and we pray they will become ignited and energized in Jesus.

In addition we seek to mentoring and more to those who seek direction and help in order to bring them the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ.