Chris 35 for 35 Campaign

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The Story

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jul 16, 2015

I'm turning 35 this year. Reflecting upon this milestone, I decided that I'm going to spend some time impacting my community in a positive and peaceful way. There are many great things in our community and many things that need a little help. I decided to support one of each and tie them to some of my core passions: children and the less fortunate. The first issue is that homelessness in downtown Tallahassee is a problem. Big Bend Homeless Coalition does a lot of work to advocate for veterans, the disabled, and families. In addition, they do work to transition people into more stable housing through their various initiatives, including affordable housing and subsidies. The second cause I'm raising funds for is the Young Actor's Theater in Tallahassee. This great organization gives kids a solid foundation in theater production, fostering an interest in fine arts, teaching through acting and dance, and most importantly giving kids self-confidence to accomplish their goals in life. I'll be earmarking funds raised towards tuition assistance expanding opportunity for more kids to participate in their programming. I hope you'll take a moment to donate on my behalf and help me impact our community in a positive and peaceful way! Thank you