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Child Abduction Prevention and Awareness Self Defense

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Short Summary

Hello I'm John Devlin and I have taught Self Defense and Martial Arts to mostly children and women for 25 years. There are lessons available in most cities all over the world but costing as much as $200 a month which most people cannot afford let alone the ones that need it most.

These lessons in this program will give children, women, anyone looking to avoid being abducted, injured from an assault and defend themselves the training to do so.

The lessons will be video recorded and posted to the web site which will offer anyone in the world with Internet access to learn these techniques as well.

I am passionate about instructing and passing on the life saving techniques I have learned. By offering free lessons and giving access to everyone in the world through the internet this program can have the greatest impact in helping save lives and building many other positive skills within those who take these lessons.

The skills of self defense should not be kept to only those who can afford it.
I have been given the gift of instructing and hope to pass on these life saving skills to as many people as I can.

What We Need & What You Get

The bulk of the funding you provide will support a school (studio or Dojo) so as many classes as possible can be offered. Additionally it will help pay for protective gear and equipment for those taking lessons.

This program is designed to help children and women protect themselves but offers so much more in the form of a fun atmosphere building confidence, discipline, focus and coordination through motivation and positive encouragement !

The Impact

This idea came to me after seeing some "basic" short clips on Youtube (R) and Expert Village (R). I realized that I could offer more than just the simple basics with some assistance from donations and sponsorships. I just need a place to teach lessons at.
After looking into some funding sites and seeing that much money was being donated for music, art projects and such I believed that this ongoing project with the extremely valuable skills would be able to gain a lot of support.
My goal is to offer these classes to those who can not afford the $100 to $200 per month locally but also to everyone in the world through the internet.

And finally I hope to enlist the help of other instructors from around the world to copy what is done here and give live lessons for Free as well.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:
• Spread the word about this program so as many as possible can have the ability to learn the skills that may save someone’s life.



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John is working on selecting a charity so you can support Child Abduction Prevention and Awareness Self Defense.