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Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association

Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association

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CHASA was founded in 1996 to help kids, teens and young adults who have hemiplegia or may have experienced a stroke.  We do lots of fun and practical things that make a real life difference. CHASA hosts national family retreats, young adult retreats and retreats for moms. We also award college and vocational school scholarships, athletic scholarships, orthotic (foot braces that help kids walk) grants.  Some of our other special projects have included sending stuffed animals to kids, a book about a penguin who wears a brace, and our latest project - Let’s Play.

Let’s Play is a program that pays for fun kid activities for the kids we serve. Families often struggle to pay for therapies and the fun stuff doesn’t happen. Let’s Play allows kids to dance, ride horses, take voice lessons, act in a play, and a variety of other activities.

CHASA is a small nonprofit and your donations allow us to continue our life-changing work. You can donate or set up a fundraiser for CHASA on this Charity Go Fund Me page. It's super easy and fun and your support can make a big difference.  Consider giving up your next birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts. Or run a marathon and ask your friends to sponsor you. 

 You can also donate at our website at chasa.org. Thank you for being part of our team!