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Charity for Health and Prosperity

Helping people live healthy and prosperous lives is our goal. Read more about us below.

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The purpose of this 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, Charity for Health and Prosperity, Inc., (CHP) is social services for disaster relief, healthcare assistance, hunger, and education. This organization was founded and created in New Mexico, USA with the exhilarated hope that we will be able to help people globally, starting with New Mexico and 3rd world Bangladesh to reduce suffering and proactively promote healthy and prosperous lives. 

We have been working on projects to aid while structuring this non-profit organization for a plethora of causes. Some things we've been proactively doing:  

-Since 2012, we’ve been helping a self-sufficient Safe Girls Orphanage in Bangladesh where girls are saved from human trafficking situations and looked after, guided, taken care of from as young as newborns through attendance at university if they choose. We help them by supplying cloth for clothes, scarfs, school supplies, helping with their building construction (as needed), and aiding in their overall safety. 

-For the past 4 years, in various impoverished Bangladeshi villages, we’ve been distributing food during holidays and providing warm clothes and blankets during the exponentially cold winters Bangladesh now has. 

-In 2018, we aided (on-site and in-person) with necessary survival supplies and food during the Rohingya Refugee-Burma crisis when thousands of Rohingya refugees fled to Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh to escape the torturous horror they were living in Burma to save their people. 

-In 2019, we helped a Girls school in Comilla, Bangladesh with classroom desks and chairs since they did not have any furniture. Also in 2019, we acquired 100 burial plots at Fairview Memorial, Albuquerque, New Mexico that are available for those who do not have the means to pay for Islamic Burial Services. Since CHP does not take profit, commission, or charge for burial supplies, all donations collected solely pay for the plot, as that is all that is necessary, which reduces the actual Fairview Memorials funeral costs from $__ to $__. It's not fair to have to worry about expenses that you don't have the means or ability to pay for in addition to losing loved ones so we are trying to help. 

-Since the start of 2020, we have opened a donation-based out-patient medical clinic, GDBS, where we provide free healthcare to the many impoverished in Dhaka, Bangladesh located at Khilkhet; this is our biggest project yet. We were able to obtain land and start constructing a building in 2019. We've opened our doors to start helping in February. For now, the clinic is open twice a week, on weekends. We've got a few volunteer doctors for our patients.                    

-Currently,  as Covid-19 has been taking it's toll globally, we have started 'Covid-19 Hunger Relief Programs', in both Dhaka, Bangladesh and Albuquerque, New Mexico, for those that don't qualify for, cannot easily ask for, and are not receiving any assistance. We are providing packages of staple foods (distributed once a week) to last a family a week. In Bangladesh, the packages consist of 5kg rice, 2kg lentils, 5kg flour, 1-liter cooking oil, and 100 taka cash for any other necessity groceries each family may require. In New Mexico the packages consist of: rice, flour, tortillas, beans, cooking oil, potatoes, and $50 cash for any other necessities families may require. CHECK OUT OUR CAMPAIGN for 'Albuquerque Hunger Relief for Covid-19'.

We are ALWAYS in need of YOUR HELP for all our projects! If you’d like to get involved and help us monetarily for any of our ongoing projects, please donate here at Charity for Health and Prosperity's GoFundMe, or our Paypal is 'charityforhealthandprosperity@gmail.com' (PayPal.me/CHP01). Thus far, we have been able to put 98% of all donations towards our projects, and 2% is put towards maintaining the actual non-profit. Everyone involved with CHP contributes their time voluntarily, therefore none of your contributions go towards our paying our members and travel expenses are our own. For now, we don't have a completed and launched website or social media accounts; we are working on these and they are soon to come. So many human beings all around the world live very difficult lives, suffering in ways many of us will never know. That is why it's so important to get involved; it is our responsibility to do what we are able, to collectively help one another survive in this crazy world. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at charityforhealthandprosperity@gmail.com.

Thank you for your kindness,

Bushrah Hossain

CHP Vice President