Challenge Fundraisers

CrowdRise Challenges are competitions for charities and their passionate supporters to compete to win prizes from our amazing sponsors. Check out all the CrowdRise Challenges and get involved. If you’re a company or foundation or a really nice person who wants to sponsor the next CrowdRise Challenge, please email us right away. The Skoll Foundation, Mozilla Firefox, Groupon, The Huffington Post, Craigconnects, Martha Stewart and other incredible organizations have sponsored Challenges on Crowdrise. There’s no better way in the world to leverage your charitable dollars.

Revlon Challenge
Skoll SE Challenge
Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge
Savings Pet Challenge
Art Van Challenge

Challenge Fundraisers

JVS July for Jobs


$114,233 Raised of $150,000 Goal

Move For Hunger Challenge

$10,650 Raised

Art Van Charity Challenge 2018

$1,215,592 Raised


$823,069 Raised

The RaiseForWomen Challenge

$1,196,664 Raised

Veterans Charity Challenge

$348,293 Raised


$1,225,756 Raised