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Chappell Hill Historical Society

History museum housed in 1927 school building with displays of local history and culture including a large collection of Rev. Johnnie Swearingen folk art.


The Chappell Hill Historical Society's mission is:

• To encourage the preservation of records, buildings, sites and other items of historical interest to the community.

• To educate the general public as to the historical significance of the same.

The Museum and Gift Shop are housed in the last public school building of the Chappell Hill I.S.D. The red brick structure is located on the site of the Chappell Hill Female College. Built in 1927, it served as only one of the schools in the area until 1965. The completely redesigned museum tells the intriguing story of a town once seemingly destined for greatness, but diminished by the ill fortunes of fate and history.Exhibits of photos, documents and artifacts give a glimpse of the town from its beginnings in 1847 to the present day. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about Soule University for men, The Chappell Hill Female College, King Cotton, the Brazos River, the Polish community and the War-Between-the-States.