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Central Council of the Society of St Vincent De Paul in the Diocese (St Jude Parish)

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In today’s world you meet and establish relationships with different people every day. One thing for sure, if you ever had the pleasure to meet Pasquale “Patty” Cosenzo, you were all left with the same impression; whether you knew him for a short time or you knew him for your entire career. Patty was always a true gentlemen on and off the job. Without a doubt, the man was a great mentor and instructor. If you were working under his supervision, you completed what work needed to get done and you enjoyed doing it with him. He never had that boss mentality. You actually worked harder for the man to get the job complete because he treated everyone with respect and everyone was his equal. Even though he has been retired for some time now, The Legend Still Lives On and Always Will ! He will truly be missed by his entire Con Ed family in Manhattan Substations. Rest in Peace Patty.