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Central Coast Dance Foundation Inc

A specialized scholarship program facilitated by Central Coast Dance Foundation Students with special needs are “ANGELS” at Artistry in Motion. We recognize their unique contribution to our world and desire wholeheartedly to protect them from harm while empowering them to find joy and self-confidence through an education in the performing arts. At Artistry in Motion, we are committed to a healthy learning environment for all students. We believe that exposure to the arts is critical in a child’s development and can be especially empowering for a child with special needs.


Make a Difference Today

Central  Coast Dance Foundation knows that our strength lies not only in the  words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our  initiatives. Back in 2007, our Non-Profit Organization realized that by  working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently,  and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Central Coast Dance  Foundation.
An  artistic perception as clear as a painting to some, obscure or subtle  to others, but whatever it reveals to you as an audience member it will  leave a lasting impression, especially on the children who participate  in it. The need for artistic expression is so important,expecially in  today's society, we need dreamers today, this is where all really big  ideas are being formed, people of vision, people of big dreams, this is  what we need to give our children. Instead of cutting the arts in our  educational system we should be adding them, the arts encourages  creative thinking and alternate solutions to problems this is what's so  badly needed in today's world. Our children need a creative outlet and  by allowing them these creative endeavors we encourage those big ideas,  thinking "outside of the box". Our world will be a much better place  with these kind of visionaries after all look at John F. Kennedy,  Ghandi, Martin Luther King and corporate visionaries such as Bill Gates.

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