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Center For Supported Employment, Inc.

Growing Community Connections for people with neurodiversity

https://ctrsupportedlearning.org Tax ID 81-4074908


The primary goal of the Center for Supported Learning (CSL) is to develop community-based learning activities that expand opportunities for community integration for young adults with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). This is accomplished by developing connections with community partners  Huntington community.  These partnerships are across a broad spectrum of community organizations, arts and educational programs, local farming co-operatives, other small non-profits and large universities.

Our vision at CSL is to foster sustainable community connections for youth and young adults with Neurodiversity. We believe that the best way to get youth and young adults involved in the community is to start with understanding what they feel passionate about and finding ways to support them in accomplishing those activities.  By leveraging their interests, we can build sustainable connections with existing community partners already engaged in those activities.

Our mission is to better utilize existing community supports and services to build the scaffolding necessary to allow for meaningful participation in life-long learning activities in the community.  We accomplish this mission through a programmatic and research approach. Our agenda is to get our participants active in Huntington and our programs reflect this goal.  We have divided our efforts into six areas of focus: activism, digital laboratory, moving, growing, making & friends.