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EVENT DATE: Aug 20, 2016

Dear Familia,

I’ve recently returned from a 6 month sabbatical from my work with CCDA. While my entire sabbatical was filled with fabulous experiences and much needed rest and restoration for my spirit and soul, nothing matched the last 36 days of my time away in which I spent walking the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) across Northern Spain with two of my children, Stefan and Anna.  I had no idea the impact this pilgrimage would have on my life.


In reality, the Camino de Santiago, a 1,000 year old pilgrimage, is a way for those of us who are rich and wealthy to manufacture an experience that allows us to endure a little bit of pain in pursuit of spiritual insight or grand adventure. While I view the completing of this journey as a great accomplishment for me, a 55 year old pilgrim, I am far more impressed with the men, women and children whose survival requires them to walk even thousands of miles to flee war, famine and persecution every day. 


Everyday immigrants cross borders into our nation, and around the world. Their journeys represent a pilgrimage toward a better future for them and for generations to come, yet many of today’s immigrants are not coming by boat but from countries south of our border by bus, train and foot. They are hoping for safe passage into a country with opportunities impossible to imagine, providing us with their hard work and entrepreneurial spirits that drive our country’s growth forward.


While we as a country may shout about illegality and deportation, we also recognize our need for their labor and continue to rely on this cheap, available work with little thought of its consequence.  This is a grave injustice that results in families being separated, humans being trafficked & exploited and vile, anti-immigrant narratives leaving our country fractured. 


Many of us are intimately aware of the sufferings of our immigrant neighbors and have been working and waiting for our broken immigration system to be reformed. For their sake and for the healing of our nation we must confront the injustice of our current policy.


While I was on the Camino of Santiago, I felt a very clear prompting from the Holy Spirit to walk in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters that make the dangerous pilgrimage into our nation to seek a better life. In an effort to expose and experience the pain of our immigrant brothers and sisters’ journey into our country, I invite you to join me to plan and walk the Camino del Inmigrante (The Way of the Immigrant).


As we walk in solidarity, we do it publicly to call out this injustice and highlight the often silenced voice of suffering of immigrants and their families. 

We invite you to join us in solidarity.


Buen Camino,


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El Camino del Inmigrante

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El Camino del immigrante

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