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Bringing hope to international communities through partnerships between people who can help and people who need hope.

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Global Partners in Hope

Global Partners in Hope (GPiH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Led by visionaries with decades of overseas experience, GPiH exists to meet the tangible needs of people in communities across the globe, delivering real, sustainable hope.  Our four-part focus is sequential, holistic, and sustainable. Each element is improved by the presence of the others, and all work together to contribute to a thriving community ~ clean water, medical care, sustainable energy, and leadership development. 

Our Work in China:

China's vast population of over 1.3 Billion people and the historical influence on the continent of Asia is very impressive. Developing communities of leaders that will influence the world is paramount if you're going to have Global influence. Eight years ago, GPiH has been invited by Chinese leaders to develop leadership communities across the country. 

GPiH will help facilitate a new model in China with the following emphases:

Harmony and Unity, which will serve the people of China through:

- Leadership Development: training in leadership and ethics

- Marriage and Family: Services to keep families together

- Cultural exchanges event to build bridges of hope between the U.S. and China

Our Work in Mali, Africa:

Global Partners in Hope is working to make a meaningful and sustainable difference. In partnership with local NGO's, we work with nine villages in the Bako region.

Within the villages we have:

- A Clean Water Well: Reduce water-borne illness and the number of hours each person spends daily just to meet basic needs

- A Medical Center: Help is available from medical professionals for maternity care, preventative care, and treating illness and injury

- A Solar Energy Center: Provides inexpensive and reliable power for the medical centers and solar power water pumps

Our Work in Togo, Africa:

Leaders in Togo have invited Global Partners in Hope to partner with them to bring sustainable changes to the health care system in Togo. We are launching a $3.3 million campaign, called Hope for Togo, to build a large medical center, called the Center of Excellence, and 5 other smaller health centers in the region. All the medical centers will have clean water wells and solar energy.

This project will be transformational for women, children, and families in rural Togo and help us bring sustainable change to the healthcare system, and ultimately, hope for Togo.