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Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary

CCAS: Where All Cats Are Special

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Merlin is a CCAS cat. Merlin was born without feet, but he has no other problems. As a cat born with a disability, Merlin learned to adapt to his body from birth and does not know any other way of being.

He usually pulls himself around with his elbows in an 'army-crawl' but he jumps up on all fours when he wants to get somewhere fast or chase a toy. He is delightful and has everything a kitty could want or need. 

CCAS is home to cats from all over the country. We are currently rebuilding after a fire destroyed our home and sanctuary, so our space is very limited.

The cats at CCAS enjoy a good quality of life. None are in pain or suffering in any way. Our goal is to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

When the new sanctuary is complete, we will be licensed by the state and open admission to more cats that need us. The estimated date for completion is January 2020.

We need your help to make the new sanctuary a reality!


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