Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Photo
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Photo
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Photo

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EVENT DATE: Sep 30, 2012

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 30, 2012

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We are encouraging our supporters to form teams to help us:

  • create and distribute free resources for children with cancer and their families. LEARN MORE
  • develop of research for less-toxic childhood cancer treatments. LEARN MORE


All donations support the American Childhood Cancer Organization ( ACCO ), which began as the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation in 1970 by a group of parents whose children had been diagnosed with cancer. 

American Childhood Cancer Organization is respected as an essential and integral provider of programs and services required by families of children and adolescents with cancer across this country. Together with our local affiliates who provide the direct support with families, we address the critical needs that families face today. As a grassroots leader in the childhood cancer community, it is our responsibility to speak for the needs of the families and survivors. Doing so, we help shape policy, research, and programs on the national level that affect the lives of families today and tomorrow. The board and staff of ACCO are committed to serving our community until the day when no child dies or is left with life long effects from this devastating disease.

American Childhood Cancer Organization's mission is to address the needs of families through programs that emphasize information, advocacy, awareness, and research. In this way, we can support families both directly and through our affiliation with local organizations, and work toward a better tomorrow for our children and adolescents. Our organization was founded by a talented and committed group of parents, and we have placed a priority on ensuring that those making policy decisions today understand what a family goes through when their child has been diagnosed with cancer. Over two thirds of our organization board and staff are either survivors or a family member of a child or adolescent who had cancer. We understand this is a family disease and it is a disease that is for life.

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