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Redding's Nonprofit Historic Cascade Theatre

https://cascadetheatre.org/ Tax ID 93-1233656


The mission of Redding's Cascade Theatre is to bring cultural enrishment,  economic stimulous, and a home for other nonprofit and community events to the region through the programing and operation of Redding's historic movie palace.

Beyond the concerts, events, and films that appear at the theater, the Cascade Theatre is hugely important to the region’s economic growth and stability and to job creation in the county. According to a study by Americans for the Arts, the Cascade contributes $4.1 million to the region’s economy every year it operates, supports 131 full time jobs in the county, and contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and local taxes through the business it generates in downtown Redding. According to a 2016 survey, area restaurants and bars see a 60% increase in business on show days (and with the Cascade Theatre open nearly 200 nights a year on a typical year, that is a lot of business generated by Cascade Theatre patrons) and more than 10,000 patrons a year stay in area hotels according to the theater’s own zip code analysis of ticket buyers. The Cascade Theatre remains one of the largest drivers of downtown business in Redding and will be vital to business regrowth post-pandemic. Through fundraising events and artist contributions, the Cascade Theatre raised nearly $200,000 for recovery following the Carr Fire. It is home to a myriad of other nonprofit organizations and hosts many of their fundraisers each year. And the theater’s education programs serve 15,000 school children each year.