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Ethan Berry Inc

We help individuals and communities build up and protect themselves through being more accountable. #AccountabilityMatters!

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CASAUPOINT.COM - #AccountabilityMatters!

CasAuPoint is the best way to get support for what’s going on in your community — Whether it's requesting a cross walk for a street, sending a thank you letter to the fire department or participating in your child's public education, CasAuPoint is here to support you communicating with your community leaders to build up community and individuals in the community.


Our mission is  to facilitate "Good Trouble" to help stop racism, prejudice and bigotry and to help improve equity and justice in communities using the casaupoint.com platform to help people and communities hold themselves more accountable.  The platform and tools it provides also helps to build up communities and individuals through helping them participate in & understand why it is important to participate in the planning & development of their city, county and state.  

The easiest way to keep up with everything in your community.

At CasAuPoint our work has been computers, software& electronics for tutoring  and mentoring youth in STEAM related college majors & career paths.  Our team is led by Ethan Berry and we had been working on education app platform  when the corona19 virus pandemic outbreak happened.  The first stay in place order in California was issued on March 4, 2020 [dramatic music]  Then on March 13, 2020 the murder of Breana Taylor by police happened. [dramatic music]  Then on May 25, 2020 George Floyd was murdered by police. [dramatic music]  If that was not enough, covid19 began to change the way we live in America and the world.  Corporations began allowing employees to work from home and schools closed.  There were protests in the streets across the nation, America seemed like it was in chaos, again.  Our team began to think about how we could help people using our skills? [idea music and light bulb visual]  After long nights and careful thought, we decided to pivot from education to community building. 

We launched the community building app platform on Juneteenth 2020, CasAuPoint.com  CasAuPoint is designed to help build up individuals and their community by making everyone accountable!  These days most everyone is familiar with using their smart devices for everything.  Why not use smart devices to help people communicate better with their elected officials, community leaders (pastors, non-elected leaders, nonprofit organizations), and businesses using a platform designed specifically to help individuals voice their opinion  and participate in the democratic process more easily and freely!  The idea is simple  What if people could be more accountable and communicate better with cities, agencies, churches, police departments,  medical services providers, school districts, insurance companies, etc.? We present CasAuPoint.com! 

 CasAuPoint.com will revolutionize the way people interact with agencies, elected officials, businesses,  churches, etc. and it would cut down on red tape and help provide solutions  to problems easier and faster than the current processes being used to resolve  problems in cities, agencies, counties, and businesses through  using information provided directly from those who are closest to and affected the most  by specific problems, conflicts or solutions where they live. 

Using CasAuPoint.com people can prevent public issues and concerns  from escalating into bigger problems and save enormous amounts of money  in time and resources. Just think of the costs of protesta and riots? 

 CasAuPoint works by allowing everyone to use a “Community Report” to document their praises or critiques  on anything truthful to help build up themselves, their family and community.  The community reports are saved and can be retrieved anytime into the future  because they are stored in a secured database.  Users on the CasAuPoint app platform then can send these community reports to their elected and non-elected leaders.  For elected leaders, this means they have a better method of communicating with their constituents  For individuals, this means they can participate in building up themselves, family and community  no matter where they are or when they have time to voice their opinions, concerns, praises and critiques.  For communities it means better resources for their needs and help to build up their community services.  

If you donate what you can to help us continue to build the CasAuPoint app platform  technology as well as tools and services to go with it the app platform, we can expand to every city and help build up  individuals and communities using trainings, seminars, and technology so  more people can become aware and accountable for what they do and participate  in building up better communities through holding everyone accountable in a democratic process.  Accountability Matters! It starts with each individual and spreads out to family, friends, community, city.  CasAuPoint is a tool for people to help bring better equity and justice to everyone and  avoid many situations where emotions boil over and lead to protests in the streets.  CasAuPoint’s goal is to establish better communications for and between people, communities, agencies and businesses (GO’s and NGO’s). And to build up and protect individuals, communities, agencies and businesses (GO’s and NGO’s).We believe CasAuPoint is a solution to what the new normal will be in the world. People, leveraging  technology to improve the quality of life of everyone in the community. 

Explore CasAuPoint.com, register on the app platform by going to  https://casaupoint.com/login-register

Please contribute to our fundraiser so we can continue to develop more features and functionality to the CasAuPoint app platform and increase community participation in the democratic process and building up of individuals and communities everywhere! 

Thank you!