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Carried to Full Term


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Our  Mission  Continues...

Carried To Full Term  believes  every baby deserves a home and to that end, we are working tirelessly to house mothers in support of our mission.  Every  week,  we  are  receiving phone  calls  from women  who  are  in  need  of  housing  and  our  services.

Globally,  COVID-19  has  effected  our  families,  communities,  businesses  and organizations .   Due  to  the  Coronavirus,  Carried  To  Full  Term  has  had  to  cancel all of our in-person fundraising events  and  combine  several of our fundraisers into a singular campaign.

This campaign has a monetary goal of $20,000 that will help us further the mission of providing housing for mothers and equipping them with the necessary tools to become independent and self-sufficient.

Will you demonstrate your support by donating  and helping  us spread the word and our work?

We appreciate any amount that you can comfortably give.

Collectively, we can make a difference!

Together,  we  can  put  an  end  to  homelessness  experienced  by  women  who  are  pregnant.

Together,  we  can  give  newborns  a  safe  residence to  come  home  to  after  they're  born.

Together,  we  can  create  a  brighter  future  for  families.

Please  join  us and help us spread the word and our work.