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Carillon Beach Institute Inc

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The Carillon Beach Institute is a non-profit organization founded to assist in the enrichment of its citizens and the people of the surrounding area.  The Institute's concern is to blend architecture and urbanism with the more intangible, aesthetic and human qualities which make life more meaningful within the village.

The Institute acts as a catalyst by creating programs that express and promote the arts, humanities and culture.  This is accomplished through concerts, lectures, symposiums and conferences in the following four areas:

WELLNESS:  The Institute will hold conferences promoting psychological and physiological health among the people of all ages.

ENVIRONMENT:  The Institute will sponsor conferences and seminars to facilitate a partnership between the local and regional environmnet and the successful human habitation of it.

ARTS AND HUMANITIES:  The Institute will underwrite programs to enhance the knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the arts and humanities.  Programs and performances by dancers, musicians, playwrights, authors, journalists, artists and actors are just a few of the areas that will be explored.

CHILDREN:  The Institute will provide recreational, ecological, social and educational growth opportunities for all children including those who would otherwise never have the opportunity to visit the coastal area.