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Capital Community Athletics Incorporated

Dedicated to building lasting friendship and community by providing excellent sporting activities for our newest refugee and immigrant neighbors

www.capitalcommunityathletics.com Tax ID 84-5065633


Thousands of resettled refugee and immigrant children in Sacramento face unique and pressing challenges. Many are misunderstood in their new neighborhoods and it is very difficult for these newly resettled kids to transition cultures while undergoing major stress and trauma from life threatening situations in their home countries.

Capital Community Athletics utilizes caring neighbors to open wide their arms to the newest members of our community. We seek to provide a safe and fun sporting environment for them to play.

Our trained coaches love these kids and are committed to seeing our neighborhoods flourish for years to come. We believe there is much to learn from these newest neighbors from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and beyond. As we unite, we find that our sense of belonging and thriving is experienced together.