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Cape Cod Moves Inc

Mission Statement Cape Cod MOVES is a dynamic, family-friendly, USATF sanctioned athletic club for all ages that serves Cape Cod and the Islands. It strives to get people active in their own lives; to be helpful to others who need support, and to provide an outlet for people to share their strengths and to draw strength from others when needed. Volunteer opportunities will be sought and there is an emphasis on charitable giving. Cape Cod and the Island activities will be emphasized.

http://capecodmoves.org/ccmoves/ Tax ID 82-3570890

Cape Cod MOVES

M = Organized motion events, including running, biking , kayaking, yoga and more

O = Dynamic organizational structure

V = Emphasis on volunteerism and charitable giving; the focus of many events will have a donation back component to them.

E = Energize by engaging community support .

S = Building a strong community network.

“Smile. Move forward. Help others. Repeat.”

Fundraising Campaigns