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Canfield Consortium

Restoring the East Canfield community to a contemporary, healthy, thriving and inspiring urban community.

https://www.canfieldconsortium.org Tax ID 47-2830680



Canfield Consortium is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development organization committed to restoring the neighborhood community experience for residents living on or near East Canfield Street, the spine of a once thriving Detroit community. Located on Detroit’s east side between Cadillac and St. Jean streets, the East Canfield area has lost prominent support systems that were crucial to its vitality. Rhonda and Kim Theus, sisters who grew up in the East Canfield community, founded Canfield Consortium. After watching their east side neighborhood shift from a thriving community to an area of blight, the sisters committed themselves to becoming a part of its resurgence. Rhonda and Kim started Canfield Consortium with the intention of eradicating issues associated with blight, such as un-cleanliness, poor security, unwanted street behavior, substandard infrastructure, rundown buildings and idle space. By initiating an outreach effort to connect residents, schools, churches and businesses, Canfield Consortium is restoring the East Canfield community to a contemporary, healthy, and enjoyable urban area that will not only inspire residents but visitors and other communities as well.