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In December of 2014, I found out I have Non Small Cell lung cancer with mets to my bones, and a few months later to my brain. Someone set up a gofundme campaign, which was such an amazing blessing. I received about $7600 over the course of the year, which kept me with gas in the truck, and food in the dog dish. I can't express how much it meant to me. I am bringing over as much of the information from the old site as possible, primarily so I can review what has happened and how much love you all have shown me. Thank you, I love you, that is all. ~M3

Here's the original posts from the other site:

Ok so.. if you're reading this you obviously are friends or aquaintances with the beautiful Michelle Moore..and you probably have an idea of what is currently manifesting in her life...(if not, read on)..

Even though she's been blessed with so much support from her family and friends, finances are tough when you lose your ability to earn a living...and of course expenses don't go away. As you can imagine with illness comes added debts. She's had to quit her job and move to a more accessible living arrangement so she can focus on healing. Zero income plus medical costs, bills, and medicine equals asking for your help!

If you know Michelle, you know she would do anything to help her friends, and doesn't ask for help back. This is a very tangible way that we can join together and help her in this challenging season of her life.

Any amount you can contribute will help.

If you feel you can help Michelle through this difficult journey, I thank you, and your generosity would truly be appreciated.

"I'm going to do my best to just be honest about what's going on because I realize that when my friends are facing challenges I want to be there for them, and it's ok to let others be there for me. 
It's stage 4 lung cancer. Metastasized in my spine and ribs. It hurts a fair amount. The upside is I look killer in a bikini since I'm losing weight. The downside is it's probably going to kill me."

"So there are 2 kinds of lung cancer. Small cell and non small cell. 
Non small cell (NSCLC) can be treated with a new chemo that doesn't kill your healthy cells and has a better survival rate than the usual 70% mortality rate.
My thoracentisis fluid was sent for testing to determine which kind I have. 
The doctor just called to tell me he has the results and wants to see me. Fortunately, I'm across the street from his office at the ER today due to pain that was not managea...ble, so he's going to come over to talk with me. Let's hope it's good news!!!"

UPDATE: Running more tests. It's definitely a cancer which has metastasized to my bones. We just don't know the exact origin. I have a tumor in my lung so we have been thinking it's lung cancer but now they think it could be from somewhere here else, breast or ovarian for example. Taking blood and running tests. I'll let you know when I know.

UPDATE:  Getting a PET scan today, and apparently I will be radioactive for 8 hours afterward. The syringe had a thick metal sleeve around it to protect the person injecting it. Crazy looking. They told me it's not safe for kids to be around me. Not that it ever was before. 
Cheers to new experiences.

UPDATE: 12/22/14  Cancerous Creeping Crud Update:

"I have something called adenocarcinoma of the lung. It's non small cell, which means it grows more slowly. Whoop-de-do.
The PET scan showed a lesion on my left sacrum, which would explain the mind bending pain I was in last week. Also a lesion on my right thigh bone, 4 on my spine bones and one on my left #4 rib.
Didn't see it on any other organs or in my brain, so that rules out my excuse for not being able to remember the word 'relleno'.
I'll be seeing the oncologist guy on Thursday and see what he has to say but it doesn't sound like there are many options. Thank The Lord of the Rings for wine. I think I'll have some now. "

UPDATE 1/2/15 : --Thank you everyone for your love, concern, and suggestions. Here's where it's at as of now-
I have a tentative appointment with an oncology office in Burbank recommended by Vicky Hamilton on Monday at 11. It's tentative because the girl who checks to see if my insurance works was not in on Friday but will be in first thing on Monday. They will call me to let me know. Assuming it's a go I will get into see them and get an opinion at least.

I spoke to cancer treatment centers of America on Friday as well. One of their intake representatives called me back while I was at the bank. Apparently she was calling from Illinois. By the time I was finished with my banking transactions her office was closed and remain so until Monday. I will try them again on Monday.

My friend Michael Scott Kreple and his amazing wife Jacky are going to help me navigate my way through the system as they have recent experience during a family illness. Because I currently have insurance, using county or public facilities gets tricky, so hopefully together we will figure out the best way for me to get what I need without bankrupting my gofundme.

As for my actual health, I'm exhausted from a single flight of stairs and have to rest for several minutes to catch my breath. I'm sleeping about 18 hours a day. I am constantly in low level pain, like I have a side ache. If I oversleep my pain meds like I did today, it's pretty gnarly. Basic things like showering or cooking completely wipe me out. I'm struggling to do simple things like vacuuming. I always wanted 'a lady' to do stuff for me when I was feeling lazy. Now I'm starting to actually NEED a lady.

UPDATE : 1/28/2015  
So today I went to the neurologist to have a look at my brain tumors. 
The nurse explained to me how they would shave part of the top of my head and then screw a couple of anchors into my skull to keep me still while they radiate them.
I then explained to him that I'm pretty and usually just coast on my looks so all that won't be necessary.
You know what they say, 'no brains, no headaches'.

...Another true story from Michelle's Cosmic Adventure.



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