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This year i am not able to complete the Cancer Research UK's Race for life in my local area, however this will not stop me trying to raise some money for the fantastic charity!

Last year was a terrible year for my family.. involving the 'BIG C' more than once!

In December 2009 My mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was admitted to Liverpool's women's hospital to have a hysterectomy and operation to remove the hopefully cancer! If this wasn't scary enough for her, after having to shave off her hair and come to terms with being told she had cancer, she then had a stroke a few hours after the operation.

Weeks went by and they then turned into months of stroke rehabilitation, with the fantastic nurses and doctors of Murryfield Hospital, Arrow Park Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital to try and get my mum back on track, but having lost all use of her limbs and not even the ability to talk, it was a long process.

Whilst my mum was being treated for the cancer and a stroke, my nan (my mum's mum) was diagnosed with cancer! I didnt think this was possible, I had never in my wildest dreams though that two ladies who i respect more than anything could get cancer!
My nan was very positive and was hoping that she would be able to come on a long awaited family holiday to canada in the christmas of 2010/2011, but her health was deteriorating. She was in her 70's and she was very determined, but her health just couldn't keep her, and she sadly died in the March of 2010 on my 16 year old cousin's birthday. She was a wonderful lady and will be forever treasured in my memories!

My mother was still getting over the cancer at this point and was still having to monitor her health and even go to speech therapy to help her with her stroke. I cannot imagine how hard this must have been for her, but she too, like her mother is a very strong lady.

This year, 2011, is the year of change and good luck for our family i hope.. and now that my mum has been given the all clear from the 'BIG C' and has pretty much combatted the stroke, and got back to good health.

I am sure i am not the only person to have gone through something like this, but i hope that if you ever have to go through this or have gone through a situation like this, then it is inspirational to you, or gives you some comfort that there is some positives... even if it is hard!

This year my mum and my sister are completing the race for life in Birkenhead Park, and if you too would like to get involved please google search race for life uk 2011!!
I would greatly appreciate it if you could donate a little or a lot, it is completely up to you, but to just make sure that you support this fantastic charity, and maybe help others who may have or get cancer in the future a better change of beating it!

Thank you all...
Happy Fundraising!
Danielle Booth



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