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Canaryville Veterans Riders Assoc

They're Still There And We Still Care!

https://www.canaryvilleriders.com/ Tax ID 47-1103872


CVRA is a motorcycle association that supports causes close to veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, in the neighborhood of Canaryville, Chicago and beyond. Our mission is to honor, comfort and serve the men and women who unselfishly volunteered to defend our nation whether in wartime or peacetime. Their sacrifice and the sacrifices their spouses have endured will not be overlooked or diminished just because their tours did not take them into harm's way. Only a very small percentage of Americans volunteer to serve in the armed forces and we are here to make sure they are not forgotten and get the respect they deserve. Our association is not made up of only veterans, we have members who did not serve. But everyone of our members is 100% behind veteran causes and we demonstrate our commitment by welcoming home soldiers, airmen and sailors who have served overseas and are coming home, whether it's 72 degrees and sunny or 37 degrees and raining. Rides to welcome home these brave men and women sometimes occur in December or January and seeing Canaryville bikers in 20 degree temperatures isn't unusual. We take pride in the fact that they have sacrificed for us and this is our way of sacrificing a little for them. We make two runs a year to the Manteno Veterans home with donated items. We attend numerous ceremonies at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery for those veterans who did not have a formal ceremony at the time of their passing. We support the Gold Star Families with escorts and forming flag lines at their ceremonies. We support law enforcement by attending the Area Four Ride to Remember which donates money to help the families of fallen officers. We support the firefighters with donations to their Bucks for Burn Camp.

We hope that in the very near future, we will be taking our association to the next level. Exciting things are coming our way and we hope you follow us for the journey!