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Camp St Malo Alumni (Csma)

Camp St. Malo Alumni (CSMA) is dedicated to providing Christian Summer youth camp’s, Christian Winter and Family retreats. Camp St. Malo Alumni (CSMA) as a body of Christian men and women fosters an atmosphere of prayer, worship, learning, adventure, stewardship and community where kids & youth can grow in their relationship with God, self, others and the environment.

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Thank you for taking just a few minutes to learn more about an exciting opportunity to enhance the moral character development of today’s children and teenagers through the efforts of the Camp Saint Malo Alumni (CSMA).

We are committed to keeping the CSMA at the center of Christian based summer camp, outdoor education, and retreat experiences for children and teenagers by utilizing our network resources and expertise. Each member of the board has firsthand experiences of summer camp, outdoor education, and winter retreat programs all lived out in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park. CSMA members are all grown now and spread throughout the United State, founded in a deep tradition of moral principles on which we have raised our own families as well as enhanced our individual work places. As a collective body, the CSMA have pledged to continue a Christian summer camp, outdoor education, and winter retreat legacy shared by each of us to children and teenagers of all cultural, ethnic, economic, and geographical backgrounds.

We have a dream and are pledged to do what is necessary to continue providing Christian summer camp and winter retreat experiences for thousands in the generations to come. All dreams take vision, sacrifices, hard labor and above all funding. Every child deserves a summer camp experience and every teenager deserves a nurturing community in which to fully develop their moral compass more fully. Join us in giving all of them a week or two each year of just such an adventure … right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

CSMA Goals:

1) Assist in the development of self-confidence, self-respect and an appreciation of self-worth through retreat faith based programming, wilderness experiences, and relationships.

2) To aid young people in the development of a faith founded moral compass for daily living based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

3) Assisting young people in awareness and development in achieving their highest potential as Children of God.

4) Add awareness, new perspective and gain tools to grow as a responsible member of their family and as a citizen of their community and the world.

5) Educate young people on the appreciation of a healthy mind and body. To enhance their understanding that their life, body and existence is a sacred gift. Physical fitness and mental well-being are conditions to be achieved and maintained.

6) Further awareness of the worth of all persons, and to work for interracial and cultural understanding.

7) Train and equip young people for leadership by utilizing their talents and skill levels responsibly in their own groups and in community life.

8) Aid young people in deepening positive values, commitment to service and motivation to learn.

9) To enhance the bonds of family in the home by: encouraging time together, giving them the tools for better communication, spiritual bonding, team building, and conflict management.

10) Increase understanding and ownership of worship, prayer, and other spiritual tools to enhance the ability to see themselves as human beings with a spiritual soul.