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Camp Shout Out Inc.

Building Communicators for Life

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Youth who stutter can be competent communicators.


Building Communicators for Life by:

Prioritizing individual needs and relationships.

Inspiring through innovative activities.

Identifying values and action plans.

Immersing in experiences enhancing communicative success.

Evolving professionalism, community, and leadership.

Camp Shout Out is: 

 A therapeutic program in a residential summer camp setting for young people ages 8 through 18 with fluency disorders.

A leadership training program for teens entering grades 9-12.

A hands-on training opportunity for speech-language pathologists to  improve their clinical skills in working with youth with fluency  disorders.

A unique training experience for graduate students to interact with other  students, speech-language pathologists and fluency specialists while  learning about working effectively with youth of various ages with  fluency disorders.