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Camps for Kids’ Sake

Providing wellness camps for children with chronic illness from East Tennessee and beyond!


Camps for Kids' Sake's purpose is to provide children, teens, and adults with chronic illness with the tools they need to achieve their goals, both medical and personal, through education and community support. To accomplish this, our programs include day camps, residential camps, excursion programs, support groups, and the staff and volunteer education required to make them successful.

Camps for Kids' Sake is the umbrella organization for a variety of upcoming summer camps for kids with chronic illness and/or special needs.  Our first camp to be held virutally in the July of 2021 is Camp Juniper Grove, a camp for children aged 5-14 with type 1 diabetes.  We hope to expand to other camps/programs for all ages with type 1 diabetes in the short term.  In the long term, we plan to start camps/programs for those with other illnesses and special needs.

Camps for Kids' Sake is a public benefit corporation.