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The Story

Since 1937, Camp Millhouse has been providing enriching experiences for children and adults with disabilities. Camp Millhouse currently does not own the land they sit on, but have been the only tenant on this property for the past 77 years. The dream of becoming the owner is finally closer to becoming a reality!! The property owners have extended a firm price of $500,000 and want to close by the end of 2017. This purchase will allow Camp Millhouse to assure campers, their families and the community that Camp Millhouse is here to stay! We need your help to make this happen! 

Please donate to any campaign and/or start your own fitness challenge campaign! 

Individuals, gyms, campers or any group that loves Camp can start your own fundraising campaign!  Simply set a fitness goal of your choice. Example:  “Judy competes in her first 5K to help save Camp Millhouse!”, “XYZ Gym is hosting a 1 hour spin a thon to benefit Camp Milhouse”,  "Camper Bill will walk 1 minute for every dollar raised", “Zumba party to Save Camp Millhouse”, “Mike runs Chicago Marathon!”  Etc, etc…  Be creative and get moving!  

Once you have your fitness goal,  click the box on this page to  “Set Up Your Fundraiser” then share your fundraising campaign with all your friends and family!  For best results, post on social media multiple times, send many emails and talk to everyone you know about donating!