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Camp Jabberwocky exists to provide a residential vacation camp for people with disabilities. We provide recreation and enrich the lives of our campers by creating a supportive environment that promotes the fulfillment of human potential and fosters independence and self-determination while respecting diversity.

At Jabberwocky, disabilities don’t limit what people can do – they just make the process a little more interesting. The priority is to encourage individuals, help foster friendships, and empower the building of communities through inclusion. Almost every activity or event during the summer requires some adaptation so that everyone can take part in a meaningful way. This effort to be inclusive is not viewed as peripheral but central to the life of the community.

Our foremost priority is to help foster friendships, promote independence, and empower the building of communities through inclusion. A favorite Jabberwocky pastime is the challenge of overcoming physically inaccessible buildings beaches, and activities. People will go to great lengths to maneuver wheelchairs, piggy-back rides, and devise creative solutions so that campers can experience the fullness of summer.

A summer camp for over 66 years, Jabberwocky seeks to enlarge the camp community to involve others not directly involved in the daily operations and to promote the Jabberwocky philosophy of volunteerism wherever possible through example.